CPQ –software webLink

WebLink sale configurator enables the sales personnel to price and quote complex products and services in minutes. The software is easy to connect to other information systems

  • Helps and guides through configuration, pricing and quoting
  • Complex products and services can be defined and priced in minutes
  • Correct pricing every time
  • Automatic generation of quotes, contracts, BOM, 2d and 3d visualizations, working instructions and drawings, logistical documentation and freight
  • 2d and 3d product configuration
  • Cad, Erp and Crm interfaces are easily created

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Weblink Sales configurator basic structure

With the webLink configure, price and quote basic features even the most complex product´s and services can be

Even the most complex price and service combinations can be configured, priced and quoted with the basic functions of webLink. Basic functions are ready to use and don´t require much company specific tailoring, Bom generation creates a document that can be used in manufacturing and billing.


In webLink configurating is fast and easy. The user can see the product structure all the way to individual units. The structure can be modified according to the parameters set into the software.

WebLink´s software management can be operated by the company personnel. The personnel can create product groups, subgroups and sale units and give them different configurations and rules.

System or product group parameters for configurating can be set and they greatly improve the user experience and quoting time.


WeblLnk´s pricing tool and ADE´s experienced personnel guarantee correct pricing and the use of complex pricing models for the whole sales personnel and dealer networks. In the pricing tool there can be created the needed parameters, calculations and dependences.

The sales personnel and dealers can easily and correctly price the services and products by modifying the margins within the set scope. Margin scope can be set accordingly to different product groups and markets.


Quote generation tool is fast and easy to use. Quote versions are administered in the version management system. With the tool company personnel can implement the graphic design of different documents. Document and product specific materials, drawings, pictures, texts and can be added into to the software. Quote generation automatically adds materials to created documents.


The tool creates a bill of materials from the most multilayered and complex product and service combinations. From this it is easy to create billing and manufacturing documentation with minimal human error.

WebLink CPQ system additional features

Additional features can be implemented to any of ADE:s sales configuration software. Additional features take normally more company specific tailoring than basic features. In addition to these features ADE´s experienced sales software developing team will gladly create any new solution your organization requires to be part of you sales software toolkit.


Weblink´s easy to create interfaces enables the simultaneous collect of data from different information systems for maximal easiness of quoting. Weblink has active and tested interfaces to many of the leading ERP, CRM, PLM and Cad systems. With the interfaces information is only input once and secure information flow from customer to PLM is ensured.

2D product configuration and manufactural drawings

The user sees a 2D picture or drawing of the product and sees it develop according to configurations and product choses. 2D pictures also help to visualize the product and the product can be implemented to target images.

2D configuration

Clarifies and creates faster information flow from the quote to the manufacturing. WebLink can add the needed production information to the manufactural drawings.

3D configurating

A 3D model of the product or product group develops according to the configurations. The 3D model can be added to quotas.

Web Shop

ADE´s web shop solutions can be added to the CPQ system. Over 40 companies are currently using Ade´s web shop and it is constantly developed and has all the modern web shop features.

Customer specific ordering systems

Customer specific ordering systems creation tool can be added to WebLink. With the tool company personnel can easily create tailored ordering systems for every customer. The user interface can be personalized according to the customers graphic guidelines, product range, prices, offers and quotas are added to the customer account and are tailored automatically to correspond to the specifics of the customer. Customers can create different reports and make their orders.

Dealers storefronts

ADE´s storefront tool can be added to any webLink system. With the tool there can be added personalized dealer specific web shops and CPQ systems. The graphic design, functions, product, prices and documents can be tailored to match the dealer company specifics. The delers have their own administration tool from which they can manage their system. The company personnel can chose which functionalities the deler is allowed to use.

Country, company and sales management features

Country versions enable area specific settings, functions, product range and pricing. WebLink has a multi language tool that enables the use of different languages in the Ui and documents. Country versions enable area specific settings, functions, product range and pricing

Sales personnel can be set a range of variables. These variables can be set by area, company or sales personnel. The variables give a scope to margins and provision percentage. The management can geberate a vide range of reports on the sales personnel and dealer activities.

Print ready material creation

With this tool print materials are created by the sale personnel according to the company graphical guide lines. The company personnel can add templates including graphic design and guide lines. The user can modify pictures and texts. The tool creates print ready PDF documents which can be used in any print house.

Sales material creation services

ADE´s experienced animators create product and service presentation animations, 3d visualizations and product pictures.